South Fork Arts and Recreation (SoFAR), founded in 2007, is a 501(c)3 non-profit. Our mission:

SoFAR’s mission is to inspire and teach the arts and music, support recreational opportunities, and promote community development, culture, and involvement associated with the Coloma, Lotus and surrounding region

SoFAR originally started in 2007 as American River Music (ARM) in order to produce and host the American River Music Festival.  ARM was started as a non-profit to promote the enjoyment, appreciation, and learning of music in the County of El Dorado County, California.  After ten years of running music events and educational programs in the area, we have expanded the scope of ARM to include recreation, arts, and community involvement.  Due to that expansion, we changed the name to South Fork Arts and Recreation (SoFAR) and updated our organizational structure and membership program to reflect those changes.

We are continuing to reach out in various ways to support the Coloma and Lotus river valley community with public education events such as festivals and educational workshops.  Additionally, we will work with community groups, government agencies, and regional stakeholders to support various programs such as our private boater shuttle program in order to reduce traffic and air pollutants and a community art program to bring creative art of all kinds to the river valley.

Our longer-term plan is to focus on continuing to promote art and music, recreational programs, and community development activities throughout the year with various public events and workshops.  We will also initiate a membership program to help recruit volunteers and increase the involvement of community members in our projects.